Snuggie Story

Decade of Snuggie 2008-2018

Ten years and 30 million Snuggie® Blankets later, America’s favorite blanket continues to snuggle up to new friends around the world!

The Snuggie® Era was born in 2008 with the debut of one of the most memorable and popular infomercials of all time. The Snuggie® Blanket jumped into the spotlight thanks to a two-minute infomercial that showcased “The Blanket with Sleeves.” The unique design kept you warm while freeing your hands to navigate the TV remote, read a book, use a laptop or cheer at the game. It became a nationwide pop-culture phenomenon heralded on late-night talk shows, parodied in YouTube videos, “cast” in network sitcoms and featured in every type of social media.

There is only 1 Snuggie!



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